Gemstones – Luxury Home Decor

luxury design ideasFor the truly elaborate and ornate experience, one can add gemstones as a design element on your walls. Gemstones make an excellent focal point and can decorate a room with natural beauty.

Traditional granite countertops and marble flooring are the way to go in most cases, but when you want the added flare, gemstones can offer a creative opportunity. People are turning to exotic gemstones to create a luxurious bathrooms, bar countertops or as a table for dining and entertaining. Precious stones such as Mother of Pearl (the natural element used to make pearls), Tiger’s Eye and Jade are popular for accenting certain natural stones used in traditional designs. Exotic stones such as Rose Quartz and Black Mother of Pearl are used for tiles in certain luxury home designs.

Gemstones are more popular in the “new age” settings as it is widely believed they have certain healing and calming properties. Also certain rustic designs can implement them into their decoration.